Be the Perfect Friend

If you could make a list of all the attributes of your perfect friend, what would it look like? This is the question asked in my reading yesterday. And it didn’t take me long to make the list. As I continued reading these are the author’s words that really poked me though; “The thing about […]

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How Do You Deal with Fear?

This week one of the messages in my Bible app said this: “As much as you recognize God’s presence by peace in Isaiah 9:6, you can recognize Satan’s presence by fear in 1 John 4:18. Satan is a defeated foe sentenced to hell, and he knows it.” The verses mentioned are below. For a child […]

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Stopping the Rage…

There’s this thing we do when things that are out of our control become overwhelming. It’s called rage in my world. And it has ruined friendships and other relationships in my life – very recently. That term, “anger management,” even gets under my skin when this emotion takes over in me. I cannot, for the […]

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Those Dry Seasons…

I listen to and read lots of different pastors’ material and Rick Warren is a favorite. Today’s devotion is entitled TURNING BACK TO GOD. The first line is, “You will experience dry seasons in your spiritual life.” My goodness. I had a forty year drought! all relationships have peaks and valleys. It’s like that with […]

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The Tongue

My tongue has been a source of several problems in my life. You? Not because I am malicious, but because I come from a long line of women that want to fix and improve and rescue and control. And thank you God that I am aware of that now. The moral of the story is […]

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My Before

“Every follower of Jesus has a not-so-great ‘before.’” I would love to tell you who wrote that, but the authors of this devotional book that coincides with Season One of @theChosentvseries do not sign off on their contributions.  Does it really matter?  They all have incredible insight and knowledge and love for the readers and […]

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The Reason

It hit me like a brick in my face. This message I read convicted me like nothing before it. And I realized that my reason for wanting to share with you was not pure, until now. The author of this passage is relating how passionate and bold these men, (and women) of the early church […]

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