Does God Have Feelings?

That question is a direct quote from today’s pages in THE GOD OF YOUR STORY, by  Brian Hardin.  I purchased the book for my sister, for Christmas last year. Then I decided to get one for myself. Published in 2019, it is his commentary at the end of each day’s readings from the Old and […]

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God can use anybody

I have a story to tell. Don’t we all? It took me way too long to get to this point, but I am here. Transparency comes hard for most of us because we fear rejection and ridicule. We forget that what others think of us is none of our business, and that only God’s opinion, […]

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New Year, New Blessings

There are three verses from the book of Numbers that have been sticking with me for several months now. They have been presented to me in various forms, from various sources, many times over. Every time they appear again it takes my breath away because this is how God speaks to us! We struggle with […]

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Stopping the Rage…

There’s this thing we do when stuff gets out of control and becomes overwhelming. It’s called rage in my world. And it has ruined friendships and other relationships in my childhood and in my adult life. Very recently, in fact. Just hearing the phrase “anger management,” or someone say to me, “relax,” gets under my […]

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