New Year, New Blessings

There are three verses from the book of Numbers that have been sticking with me for several months now. They have been presented to me in various forms, from various sources, many times over. Every time they appear again it takes my breath away because this is how God speaks to us!

We struggle with being quiet enough to hear. We struggle with believing we matter enough for Him to really respond.

Today I heard them again, on my favorite app for listening to the Bible. Brian Hardin, founder of the D.A.B. and narrator extraordinaire, closed the year with these words. I was breathless.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He makes His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; may He lift His countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26.

Brian adds, “May the strength of God go with you. May the wisdom of God instruct you. May the hand of God protect you. May the Word of God direct you. And may you be sealed in Christ this day and forever more. Amen.”

Today’s readings were the final books of the Old and New Testaments, and verses from the books of Psalms and Proverbs, just like every day of the year. He has completed sixteen years of reading the Bible to his listeners. He has a gift and uses it well.

If you have twenty minutes a day to listen to a podcast, you can have the Bible read to you by a narrator who knows how to make a story come to life!

There are gazillions of apps and plans out there to get you through the Bible in a year, but none like the Daily Audio Bible.

That excuse you’ve always used, about not being able to understand it…forget that now. He explains it all in a way we can grasp. He is an accomplished scholar that will help you understand and relate to the stories and people in the Bible like you never thought you could. Even the most boring parts of the Old Testament!!

There. I said it. Yes. Some parts are really boring. But they lay down the foundation. They tell about history and lineage. And Brian actually makes them interesting!

Most importantly, he talks about how to apply what you’re learning to your own life. Today. Here and now.

I challenge you to challenge yourself to spend those twenty minutes listening every day. Oh. The other thing…

There is a community of people who pray for one another. On the website there’s a Prayer Wall in the ‘community’ tab where people write in. You can go there any time of day or night and people are there, to pray for you and with you. There’s a Facebook page, too, and other social media to connect through. It is a real community.

By the way, nobody is paying me to promote D.A.B. I just love it and have learned so much in this past nine months of listening. I will certainly continue. For the rest of my life. Because the Bible is alive. It is God’s Word. No one can explain it. One has to experience it.

Another mind-blowing media source out there to help you get to know Jesus is THE CHOSEN tv series. You can go to your app store or Google play on your mobile device and watch for free. Here’s a link:

In this upcoming year why not make a resolution that is really effortless? Spend twenty minutes a day listening. It doesn’t even matter if you believe in God or not. You can still know the story.

God bless you and keep you…

Peace in Christ

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